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An Introduction :: Spyware

What is Spyware?

Spyware is any malicious software that establishes itself on your system to collect data (or information) about the user. Personal information is recorded by scanning your internet browsing history, keystroke logging (keeping record of what keys you type), and frequent scans of files on your hard disk. While most spyware is just simply annoying, some actually exist to attack your system for dangerous information like financial records, passwords, and other private details.

Often, spyware infiltrates your computer through deception of the user or through vulnerable software. Considering the fact that anyone knowing the risk or disruption involved in installing spyware would avoid it altogether, spyware must find another way to penetrate your system. It is common for spyware developers to distribute their annoying toys by including it with other desirable software like Napster or Kazaa. Other times, the user is tricked into downloading a piece of software that promises to enhance a certain desirable function, like download acceleration or an annoying toolbar, only to find that it actually contains spyware. Still another way spyware can be installed on your system is through deceptive pop up ads. Frequently, ads are disguised as system messages that open themselves while the user is browsing the web. The ad might ask if you would like it to perform a system function such as a specialized search or an optimization feature. Whether you answer yes or no, a download will begin and the spyware will be installed.

Unfortunately, (and quite annoyingly) spyware usually travels in groups. A system can become heavily infected very quickly. The most common signs of infection range from unwanted heavy CPU usage and network activity to complete system crashes. Other signs include random pop-up advertisements that continuously takeover your screen. Additionally, it can become rather difficult to remove some spyware as it sometimes changes system files to make it more difficult to remove. However, T&M Digital strives to help you with this problem.

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